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with Chick Corea

An intimate online
video workshop series

Created and presented by Chick

Over 9 hours of music mentorship (40+individual lesson videos in all – each with slow-motion functionality). Watch anytime, as much as you'd like: learn at your own pace.

No matter what instrument you play, this comprehensive video series will inspire and enhance your musicianship.

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Share in a Lifetime of Musical Experience

This is a veritable college course in music from Chick Corea — one of the hippest teachers you're ever going to find.

And all of it has been carefully edited and presented in a well-organized, easy-to-grasp format—with over 40 individual instructional videos that go deep. Which means you can really grok and fully utilize Chick's unique musical concepts.

Originally filmed over three days, with multiple HD cameras and top-notch audio, this series offers 9+ hours of Chick's demonstrations, exercises and “can’t-hear-this-anywhere-else” performances.

Chick Holds Nothing Back

  • How Chick continues to create new ideas, and how you can too. (Saturday, video 3)
  • Find out how Chick chooses his bandmates – and the tools you can use to assemble a band. (Saturday, video 10)
  • How Chick stays relaxed and focused on stage. (Saturday, video 12)
  • Can you create your own scales? Find out from Chick how. Hint: yes you can! (Saturday, video 16)
  • Getting stuck on certain chords or rhythms? Chick suggests a way to break free. (Sunday, video 5)
  • Chick lets you in on his own technique-strengthening exercises (yes, he needs to practice, too!) – which you can use to take your music to the next level. (Sunday, video 2)
  • Learn to avoid pitfalls that stifle your creativity and musical freedom, with Chick’s own successful approach. (Sunday, video 5)
  • What goes on in Chick’s head when he’s playing? You’ll probably be surprised by the answer to this one. (Rehearsal, video 3)
  • Students of jazz have long wrestled with this one … Chick gives his practical advice on how to break free of the form. (Rehearsal, video 3)
  • Need to hone your practice routine? Learn Chick’s personal practice techniques to get the most out of your time spent in the shed. (Rehearsal, video 7)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg ...


Help us launch Chick Corea Music Workshops 2015!

Ready to start? Get it at $149 – includes the really cool bonus items listed below. (That’s $50 off the original workshop price of $199)

You’ll not only be showing your support for Chick’s workshop initiative, which is deeply appreciated, but you’ll be receiving a
sale price that is a serious value – plus a boatload of bonus items listed below.

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Here's the full workshop schedule:
a moment-by-moment account of Chick's lesson plan

(You might want to brace yourself before you open these)

Video excerpted from One-on-One Workshop, Day 2: Sunday, Video #2

Watch an Excerpt
From the Actual Workshop

Watch the video to see:

  • Chick demonstrates his own exercise to build up dexterity on a tune
  • The secret of how to get beauty out of any phrase
  • Chick reveals "Overture" the tune he wrote for Return to Forever's 1983 reunion tour

Passin' it down: Chick’s longtime goal –
to pay it forward to fellow musicians

That's what we mean by "One on One": the knowledge and experience that Chick has acquired over his storied career is presented to you as an individual. Consulting your personal judgment and aesthetic sensibilities.

To be applied by you in your own way to accomplish your own musical goals. More likely than not, you've never received musical instruction like this before.

“These workshops help me realize a goal that I’ve had for a long time now: giving a helping hand to other musicians. I want to spread the joy and understanding of music and art and encourage creativity.

The world needs more artists!” — Chick

Knowledge Gets Real with
Demonstrations and Performances

Meet Chick’s killin’ workshop trio

This trio — assembled just for this workshop — demonstrates
Corea-classics, choice standards and throws in some definite surprises that you’ll love.

A Totally Unique Learning Experience for Musicians

  • Gain instant online access to the over 40 newly re-mastered videos of the workshop.
  • Over-the-shoulder views to help you discover Chick’s keyboard techniques, fingering, voicings and touch. Use the Slo Mo function to cop licks.
  • Learn skill-building drills and exercises for your woodshedding pleasure.
  • Insight into Chick’s process of composing, leading a band, recording, and playing live.
  • Understand Chick’s key successful actions – which you can apply to achieve your own musical goals.
  • Experience at-the-piano instructional demonstrations.
  • Exclusive live performances from the Chick Corea Trio – both acoustic and electric – demonstrating how Chick interacts with other musicians in rehearsals and on stage.
  • 9+ hours of musical mentorship from one of the true jazz greats.
  • Benefit from an inspiring presentation for all musical skill levels and instruments.

And really — no kidding — much, much more.

Check out what some of the musicians who took in
the original workshop had to say:

"Thanks!!! Fantastic!!"

"Watching these unplanned moments of sheer musical genius are an incredible bonus to this workshop."

"I loved being in my living room in front of my piano listening and playing! So VERY VERY Thankful!"

It's SO much better than the two DVDs and VHS I paid $100's for in the '80s/'90s ! And here it's an 8-hour workshop for $200 !!! ... this is the best gift ever.

I think I am seeing how the 'keep it fresh' thing works, finally! Hope the next workshop will happen soon, would be awesome."

How much do you think it would cost to spend 9+hours with one of the great musicians of our time?

Berklee College of Music charges $1,200 for just one of their 12-week online courses. When we broadcast this workshop live with interactivity it was $199.

But now, in honor of kicking off the 2015 Chick Corea Music Workshop initiative in earnest, you can get this for 26% off for only $149.

For this week only, your One-on-One Workshop will also include these bonus items:

  • Chick's ebook, A Work In Progress (Chick refers to this as the "textbook" for all his workshops)
  • Behind-the-scenes footage: Inside the Workshop Rehearsals

Remember, you can watch this One-on-One video series anytime. This is a recorded workshop and you’ll be able to watch it whenever you want and as many times as you like. Learn at your own pace.

Ready to start? Get it at $149 – includes the really cool bonus items listed above. That’s $50 off the original workshop price of $199

Your support for Chick’s workshop initiative is deeply appreciated.

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More raves from workshoppers ...

"I think it's the best way I've used my money since I was born :)"

I got my money's worth in the first 5 minutes and the rest was worth another $1m at least :)

Thanx everyone, it was really INSPIRING!

“Chick is an excellent teacher!”


  • q-iconHow long will I have access to the workshop?

    Simple answer: this year, next year, and beyond … *
    *Not so fine print: to be real, we can’t promise “lifetime access” because there are acts of God, the legalities of the Internet could change or I could guess they could even outlaw jazz : ) But just so you know, we have no intention of making this workshop access a limited-time proposition. No worries.

  • q-iconBut I don’t play piano – is this going to be relevant to me??

    Chick’s workshops apply to all musicians (hey, Chick also plays drums, trumpet, marimba and even some guitar) – not just piano or keyboard players, and not just jazz musicians! No matter what kind of music you play, you’ll likely walk away with a new perspective that you can use to pursue your own musical aspirations.

  • q-iconHow are the live performances integrated into the workshop?

    Chick has always found that the easiest way to get across a new concept is to demonstrate it. With his trio on hand, he’s able to jump into a performance to illustrate a concept, when it calls for it! Seemingly complex ideas are made simple when Chick “shows you” what he means.

  • q-iconWill there be any drills I can practice?

    Yes! Chick demonstrates some of his personal drills and exercises, which have been successful for him, and you can apply them to your own musical adventures.

Ready to start? Get it at $149 – includes the really cool bonus items listed above. That’s $50 off the original workshop price of $199

Your support for Chick’s workshop initiative is deeply appreciated.

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