The Art of the Trio

Chick Corea's ultimate guide to playing in a trio

4 hours of video training
created and presented by Chick

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What You Get

The Art of the Trio is a 4-hour video workshop hosted by Chick Corea.

Chick breaks down the proven techniques he's developed in his Grammy-winning trios.

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What You'll Learn

Here's what you'll learn from Chick as you watch The Art of the Trio. Click a lesson title to read more:

It all starts with listening. All of Chick’s trios are built on total connection with the musicians, and now he teaches you how he does it.

Duration: 12:08

Performances: “Fingerprints” (Chick Corea)

With the band loosened up, Chick dives into the charts they’ll cover, and talks about how to create space for jamming with a trio.

Duration: 18:12

Performances: Untitled improv, “Fingerprints” (Chick C0rea)

A great musician is a great listener. And in a trio, an open pair of ears is one of the essential keys to strong band dynamics.

Video Time: 9:09

Performances: “Fingerprints” (Chick Corea)

Getting a stageplot right is a fine art, one that Chick has perfected over sixty years playing with trios. Learn his own techniques for trio stage placement.

Duration: 3:09

Bill Evans is one of Chick’s deepest piano inspirations, and there’s no greater master of the trio. Hear what Chick learned from Evans.

Duration: 15:00

Performances: “Very Early” (Bill Evans)

Chick’s landmark 1968 album Now He Sings, Now He Sobs is also a masterclass in piano trio dynamics. Chick breaks down this classic recording.

Duration: 5:40

Playing with tempo in a trio seems like a puzzle sometimes, but it’s one you can solve: Chick, Carlitos and Marcus demonstrate.

Duration: 7:20

Chick has written for every combo imaginable, from solo up to a full orchestra. So how does he adapt all of that to playing with a trio?

Duration: 1:25

“Spain” is best known for Chick’s full-band performances. Now, watch him adapt the full tune to playing with a powerful trio.

Duration: 13:55

Performances: “Spain” (Chick Corea)

The greatest trios all allow interaction between every one of the players — and digging in with the drummer is one of the most rewarding.

Duration: 26:03

Performances: “Tirititran”

A lot of the sounds in a trio can start to overlap if you don’t find the right mix onstage right off the bat. Let Chick and Carlitos walk you through how they make it work.

Duration: 8:24

Performances: “Royalty” (Chick Corea)

Chick’s use of chord substitutions is a signature of his sound, and yet it seems to come naturally. Let him walk you through his thinking on this technique.

Duration: 21:37

Performance: “Oblivion” (Bud Powell)

Even the building blocks of music, like scales, are open to your own creative judgment. Chick talks you through his own approach.

Duration: 17:47

Chick’s comping style is key to his sound — but it sprang from a surprisingly simple choice. Chick explains how he chooses to accompany a soloist.

Duration: 11:18

Performance: “Celia” (Bud Powell)

There’s more to musical performance than the playing — you also have to know how to reach your audience as soon as you step on stage. Chick opens up about his own take on stagecraft.

Duration: 16:56

Special Guest: Béla Fleck

Time is a precious resource for a musician. Chick’s philosophy on managing time is one of the keys that allows him to create like he does. Here, he breaks that down so you can do the same.

Duration: 19:13

Performance: “Mountain” (Béla Fleck)

Special Guest: Béla Fleck

Chick caps “The Art of the Trio” with a phenomenal take on his classic tune, which is a master class in itself.

Duration: 21:48

Performances: “500 Miles High” (Chick Corea), “Matrix” (Chick Corea)

Special Guest: Gayle Moran Corea

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Chick Corea: The Art of the Trio | $99

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Chick's Mission

“My intention in doing this is mainly to help artists and musicians do whatever they want to do.

“I want to have a world that just has more artists in it.

“You don’t have to be a ‘professional’ or making your living that way,
but more people who are active in the arts one way or another. That’s my intention. ”

— Chick

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